Saturn turns direct in Aquarius

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Won’t happen again for 2 decades.

This is my blog.

This is a. blog about the ethics we need to have with the expansion of humanity now with the Law of Attraction, manifestation. Trying to differentiate between flowing with the Law of Attraction, and the specifics of Naming and Claiming. If you are going to be specific about manifestation, you will have to be stubborn. The Bible says stubbornness is as witchcraft. Now witchcraft is not necessarily bad, but it does require that you be careful to observe others’ right to choose. You cannot ignore another person’s right to choose their path.

Witches have practiced ethical use of their magic for centuries. They can be bad and manipulative, but on the whole, good witchcraft takes into consideration the subject’s will and freedom of choice. They will give the person a way out. I honestly don’t do witchcraft, don’t know much, but the witches I do know say they are considerate of others and give them the right to choose their path.

The issue I make of this comes from my experiences as a fundamental charismatic christian. I learned the power of my words in the church, and realized that I was being unethical with my power of my words. I was naming and claiming a man that I wanted to marry. I hardly knew him, spent very little time talking to him before I decided he had to marry me, and I made his life very uncomfortable because I was praying in the spirit for him to do my will. When he finally came about and submitted to me, I found that I did not like him so much, on our dates. We went out separate ways, and I was very sorry for wasting my time and energy trying to make him fall in love with me through prayer.

Seriously, if i had just spent some time with him, my crush would have been assuaged, and I would have backed off him gracefully. We both would have been blessed.

Being specific about what you want causes you to be stubborn, which is tiring. Because you have to deal with what they want. You have to allow for that specific person to have their will. Their will may not be you. And you cannot force them against their will.

If you say to the Universe, “I like that about that person, that is what I’m looking for.” The Universe can pull that person to you, or it can provide the right person for you who happens to have that characteristic as well. It is far better to let the Universe provide its best for you than to pick it out yourself. You will fall short every time.

Brian Scott, of The Reality Revolution, is one of my favorite YouTubers. He has a wonderful following and teaches wonderful things. He is very awake, and giving so much light out to humanity, I am very inspired and encouraged when I go to his channel. I love and respect him as a human, and his work. However, he has made a meditation for people who are seeking to bring to themselves a specific person. And Brian Scott does not have any trepidation about it. He thinks it is perfectly ok for people to pick specific people to be in their lives. And it just is not ok to be teaching how to manipulate others with your innate power. Everyone has power, everyone has desires of their own. You cannot deny someone their desire just because you want them to want you back. That is a choice that person has to make in their own free will. Choosing to spend your life with someone should always be a free will choice, not conjured.

You can conjure a house, a car, a large sum of money, but not a human. That is slavery. You cannot have a healthy edifying relationship with someone when it is founded on enslavement.

Is this clear?

My experience with this is very extensive. I have lost twenty years to being manipulated by a man who was convinced I had to be his wife. It is heart breaking and tragic. I have suffered needlessly. But worse than that, my children have suffered needlessly. It’s been pretty severe.

My exhusband helped the guy, I believe, because my ex is a genius conman who can manipulate others quite well. I don’t have proof. But from Richard’s past activities, I can assume he has been egging this guy on, for the last 17 years it has been since we have been divorced. Richard likes to go behind me and influence people where I have worked, and where I have had social interactions, like coffee shops. I love hanging out in coffee shops. But he used to go and spread rumors about me. I have tried to be patient and let them see the truth in me. Eventually they do see the truth in me, but it is a painful thing to go through repeatedly for almost two decades. He has quit, and I have been able to have some peace. But the thing with the guy from church did not have to continue for so long.

Saturn going direct in Aquarius has brought this out and made me realize I am not going to get away without telling this story to the world. It is so painful and has many layers, many issues to share. It is hard to do this alone with no one to critique the things I write as to how they sound.

You see, Christian’s think they have a right to manipulate and control others. They think they are looking out for someone’s best interest by praying and willing bad things to happen to people who have left the church. They do this because they believe it is their charge to force people to believe what they believe. It’s called the Great Commission.

One pastor took responsibilty for two hurricanes hitting the same area of Florida in one summer. He said God was trying to cleanse that area of homosexuality.

He said he had prayed for God to cleanse the area, and afterward, two hurricanes hit that particular beach, making a cross on the map with their paths. And he bragged that God had answered his prayers.

Honestly the hurricanes did nothing to eradicate homosexuality there. But the fact that a whole church worshipped God for sending two hurricanes. is a good example of what they believe. They think that causing harm to a person’s life, causing difficulties will make a person turn to God.

And this is one of the reasons I no longer desire to be a christian. I don’t think anyone should seek to cause harm to anybody. And I do believe we all possess the power to do it. Our words are meant to be creative. We are all little holograms of a great big God who is creative, so of course we are creative.

But the Bible is full of violent stories, where “God” has reacted malevolently for whatever reason. And Christians behave the same way, quoting the scriptures of these stories to validate their prayers and intentions. They justify themselves getting angry with “Jesus got angry and turned over tables in the synagogue.” Of all the times Jesus reacted peacefully, they choose the one time he had anger to justify their misconduct.

But that is another blog altogether. My concern here is that people who are expanding into the power we have as humans, learn to use their power of words and intentions strictly for their own advancement, and not try to effect the path of others.

So, I have come up with some ethical parameters for people who need to know how they should pray, or make affirmations, or hold intentions. And I think it is pertinent to the New Age we are in. This is the New Earth. We are rising to new Octaves. Whatever you want to call it, it doesn’t matter. Ethical use of what we are learning is essential. I believe you receive what you are giving at all times. You should be sure to give what you can stand to have on your own plate.



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